What Do I Do If I Damage My Dentures

Dentures are prosthetic teeth that are used by individuals who have lost a large number of natural teeth. They are made from a combination of tooth-colored ceramic to mimic the natural teeth and gum-colored acrylic that resembles the gums. Although dentures are pretty tough and durable, they are not immune to damage. Here's how your dentures may get damaged and how best you can get them restored.

What is Relining?

Relining is a method of restoring dentures when they go through a change in fit. As you use the dentures for a long duration, they may experience warping or change in shape when they are subjected to varying conditions in the mouth, such as hot or cold foods. Also, the outer lining of the dentures may wear out, making it quite uncomfortable when they are placed on the gums. When such concerns occur, it is best to take them to a dentist and get them restored through relining. We will make subtle changes to their contour and fit and improve their surface finish so that they comfortably rest in the mouth.

What is Rebasing?

Rebasing is the meticulous process of removing the gum-colored acrylic from the dentures and replacing it with a new base material. This process is usually carried out when the dentures sustain cracks or break entirely, but the prosthetic teeth are intact and reusable. In some instances, the dentures may have been used for too long, and the acrylic base may have lost its strength, which can lead to denture failure. Getting rebasing done would help restore them to their ideal strength, aesthetics, and functionality.

Have the Prosthetic Teeth Loosened?

The prosthetic teeth in dentures are held firmly in place by the acrylic base. When you get your new dentures, the dentist would advise you about a few care instructions to prevent damage to the dentures. Some of them are avoiding biting hard foods, opening bottle caps or plastic bags using dentures, grinding the teeth or clenching the jaws, etc. In case the prosthetic teeth seem loose or fall off, please reach out to us, and we'll be happy to restore them for you.

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