Dental Examinations in Chicago,IL

Dental Examinations in Chicago,IL

Dentistry not only aims at treating oral conditions that ruin the aesthetics of your smile but also ensures to prevent the onset of oral diseases that could upset oral health. In this regard, dental examinations help the dentist diagnose your mouth and look for any factors that could pose a threat. At our dental practice, we give a lot of importance to oral examinations and recommend them to our patients when we sense any abnormality in the mouth.

Oral cancer screening

Oral cancer screening is a highly relevant and crucial procedure in determining the onset of oral cancer. It allows the dentist to spot cancerous growth in the mouth, which, if treated in the early stages, increases the chances of curing cancer. The dentist uses devices such as a CDx and a VELscope to extract tissues from the mouth for examination. These tissues will be examined under a microscope to check if cancerous cells are present in them. Further, an intraoral camera may be used to observe the tissues in the larynx and pharynx carefully. If the presence of cancer is confirmed, further course of treatment will be discussed by the dentist.

Salivary diagnosis

Several oral conditions can be determined by extracting a patient’s saliva and examining it. If the dentist finds any tumors, cysts, abnormal growth, the decay of tissues, gum diseases, etc. the saliva may be extracted and analyzed. Suitable treatment will be suggested to post the diagnosis.

X-rays and scans

Sometimes, there could be a crack in the jawbone that could have happened due to external oral trauma. Or, there could be severe jawbone deterioration or even a root canal infection that isn’t visible to the naked eye. An x-ray would be required to examine such underlying conditions. It is used to check for underlying cavities, damage to the tooth roots and jawbone, tumors, bone loss, etc.
Along with these, several other dental examinations can be carried out to ensure better oral health.

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