Dental Veneers and Dental Laminates in Chicago,IL

Dental Veneers and Dental Laminates in Chicago,IL

Veneers are one of the most widely used dental restorations, usually made from tooth-colored ceramic material that is highly customizable. This allows the dentist to modify their appearance to mimic that of the patient’s natural teeth. Laminates are quite similar to veneers, with the difference being that they are thinner in comparison to veneers.

What are the uses of veneers and laminates?

Veneers and laminates are used for dental procedures that are both cosmetic and restorative. Meaning, they can be used to enhance the appearance of your smile as well as restore the functionality of the mouth by bringing the teeth back to their original condition. They can be used in the following circumstances:
Worn out teeth:  Excessive wear of the teeth usually occurs when the patient suffers from bruxism. It is a sleep disorder that involves excessive grinding of the teeth in a subconscious state of mind. Due to this, the teeth could appear shorter than they are, which also exposes the inner layers. Veneers and laminates help restore such teeth to their original contour.
Cracked or broken teeth:  Severe external trauma or biting something too hard can crack the teeth, despite the enamel being the hardest part of our body. In such cases, a veneer can be bonded to the frontal surface of the tooth to prevent the crack from becoming more prominent.
Discolored teeth:  When the teeth are severely discolored, it can entirely ruin the appearance of your smile. Patients with extreme discoloration tend to feel too conscious of their smile while socializing with people. In such cases, veneers or laminates can be bonded to the frontal surface of such teeth to restore their appearance.
Excessively spaced teeth:  Spacing is a type of malocclusion where the teeth are spaced too far apart from each other. While getting dental braces is the more effective and time-consuming treatment procedure, it can also be treated using veneers and laminates. 
Chipped or misshapen teeth:  Teeth that are chipped or naturally misshapen can make your smile appear displeasing. Bonding veneers or laminates to them will help you get a straight smile.

Treatment procedure

During the initial visit, the dentist will screen the teeth to understand the severity of the condition. Next, he will clean the teeth and remove a thin layer of enamel by gently grinding the tooth. This makes space for placing the veneer. In the case of laminates, the thickness of enamel to be removed is lesser as they are thinner.
A highly precise digital mold is taken and sent to a dental laboratory, where the restoration will be fabricated from tooth-colored ceramic. Once it is ready, it will be bonded to the prepared tooth using dental adhesives. The dentist will use a curing light to harden the adhesive, and then he polishes to enhance the appearance.

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