Emergency Dentist in Chicago,IL

Emergency Dentist in Chicago,IL

No matter how careful and cautious we are, physical trauma can strike in a shocking way to put us off balance. In such cases, injury to the mouth can be a common issue. Patients can sustain a broken tooth, injured soft tissues of the mouth, severe bleeding, or even an avulsed tooth. Most of us would panic in such situations, which only worsens the condition and delays the medical attention that we need to get.

Here are some of the common dental emergencies and how you can handle them effectively:
Chipped teeth:  Although the enamel is the hardest substance in our bodies, it could sometimes break or chip under extreme forces. A low level of calcium in the teeth can also result in cracks and chips. When a part of the tooth chips off, it can expose the inner root canal to the microbes and even cause bleeding. If you sustain a chipped or cracked tooth, rinse your mouth with clean and cold water. Apply pressure on the tooth using a clean piece of gauze while you visit the dentist immediately.
Broken tooth:  One of the most painful and traumatizing experiences is having a broken or avulsed tooth. Patients usually go into a state of shock after sustaining the injury and may start to panic. Do not touch the injured tooth with bare hands as the microbes in your hand can infect it. Hence, rinse your mouth with cold water and remove any tooth debris. Control the bleeding using a piece of gauze and consider applying a cold compress to reduce the swelling. If you find the broken or uprooted tooth, clean it under running water and store it in a glass of milk. Bring it along while visiting the dentist.
Injured soft tissues:  Such injuries can occur when you are biting or chewing food, or take a hard blow to the mouth. They are prominent with patients who are using dental braces. Use a clean piece of gauze to apply pressure on the wound and get to a dentist at the earliest to get it treated.

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